External Contracts

External jobs are defined as projects or work I do for third parties not having a specific link to my own projects. This way I can finance my projects and assist other companies along the way. Of course will this activity cease to exists once my own products return enough revenue. But I have to finish them first.

Working from home

This is, if possible, the preferred way of working. The advantages are evident:

  • No daily travelling is involved saving time, money and environment
  • All my own tools available(hard- and software and tools for mechanics, physics and mathematics as well as measurement equipment)
  • Communication by Smart Phone, Skype, e-mail, wetransfer, etcetera
  • Free scheduling of work- and social- activities greatly improves efficiency and pleasure
  • Work schedule strictly based on mutual agreed planning(task, hours)

It may also be evident travelling is involved at times the job requires activities which simply cannot be done at or from home. That time however will be calculated according “Location” of the table below.

Working at location

The maximum radius I’m prepared to travel on a daily base is about 35 km around Eindhoven(the Netherlands).

The table below shows my ratings. Contracts can be for 8-32 hours a week.

Ratings and conditions

RatesAt locationHome
Hourly rate software65.0050.00
Hourly rate mechanicsN/A65.00
Hourly rate(Travel)32.500.00
Maximum travel distance daily work35 kmN/A
Maximum travel workworld-wideworld-wide
All prices are in Euros(ex. VAT)
The difference in hourly rate between working at the location and home is based on hours. On average one works 8 hours a day and will spend 1 hour as a pause. Additionally there are travelling cost which are estimated at 1 hour each day. This results in € 65.00 / 10 = € 52.00 /hour effectively. This is rounded down to € 50.00 / hour.

Travelling for work is always at the expense of the ordering party